With God, for God, in God, unto God

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A special spiritual community initiated in 2009

The Theophanic Charismatic Movement is a very special spiritual community that was initiated by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru in 2009, with the motto “With God, for God, in God, unto God”. It is dedicated to the sincere seekers who aspire to awaken their soul and to discover God both in their inner universe and in everything around them, thus being open to all human beings who feel an intense aspiration to attain the knowledge of God, to enter into communion with the mysterious, omnipresent and omniscient Godly Being, who embraces the whole Creation and Manifestation.

The participants in this movement periodically benefit from extensive theoretical expositions on the existence and mysteries of God, designed on the basis of the revelations and spiritual experiences of the founder of this movement. In addition to these presentations, CDs are offered with lectures, music or documentaries, as well as books designed to help aspirants open their hearts to a deeper and deeper personal relationship with God.

The key-note that animates this spiritual movement is: “I manifest firmly and powerfully in my own inner universe a godly, firm, intense aspiration, which is doubled by an unshakable faith in God. By feeding it in this way, without ceasing, I also feed my soul. This moment-to-moment aspiration will help me to be closer and closer to God. ”

Discovering the esoteric dimension of Christianity

The Theophanic Charismatic Movement is largely based on the revelations and teachings of Jesus Christ, but viewed from a perspective that leads to the gradual discovery of the esoteric and overwhelming dimension of Christianity. Of special value are the revelations about the mysteries of the various Godly Attributes, which, according to these revelations, are endless, sublime, free subtle energies that exist in eternity in the infinite Being of God and whose specific vibration frequency never modifies.

Deepening the relationship with God

This spiritual movement aims to create the perfect setting for the aspirants who want to know a complex synthesis of the authentic spirituality, as well as the reality of the creation and the godly laws, knowledge that makes it possible to deepen the relationship with God. And another goal is to help all those who sincerely aspire to go beyond the purely formal, dogmatic assertion of the religious sentiment and step into the field of the overwhelming knowledge of the mysterious being of God through direct experience so that the aspirants can succeed to gradually orient towards a direct, deep, indescribable and personal relationship with God that will be fulfilled, first of all, through love.

In this sense, during the meetings organized within the Charismatic Theophanic Movement, a series of meditations are performed in unison that, through the spiritual experience that is thus acquired, allow each to enrich himself inwardly and to benefit more and more from everything God the Father offers.